Letting go is about choices. It’s about choosing to walk away and not look back. It’s about choosing to ignore that phone call, and the next one, and the next. It’s about choosing not to call them back. It’s about choosing to make new memories - dancing to that song in your underwear, and reading your favorite book in that cafe, wearing that dress out and doing something you’ve never done, something that makes you smile. It’s about choosing to move on. Letting go is a process. It’s in your everyday, in the big things and the little things - in starting to run again and buying a different kind of bread, in removing photos from your walls and then painting them purple. There are setbacks, but see, each setback is an opportunity to make your choice again, to acknowledge your own power. And one day, not to long from now, your choices will become habits, the pain will fade and you will be able to look back without the fear of losing your way.
m.v., One day we will be nothing but a fond memory (via findingwordsforthoughts)